Use Giant Balloons to Advertise Your Business

Nothing catches people’s attention like a giant balloon flying over a building or parking lot. Giant balloons are quickly becoming the most affordable method of marketing for businesses. Made of polyurethane and filled with helium, these eye-catching advertisements are durable and effective for marketing your grand opening, latest sale, or whatever announcement you want to make. It takes only one person 5-10 minutes to inflate most giant balloons, so you don’t need to spend hours getting your balloon in the air. You can rent them or purchase them, and there are companies that will custom make your balloon to fit your needs.

Giant Funny Face Balloon

Of course, placement of the giant balloon is essential to the success of this kind of advertising. You want the inflatable in a visible spot where as many people as possible can see and read the balloon to know what exactly you are trying to advertise. And remember, keeping it simple is your best bet. Using too many colors or having too much text makes the balloon more difficult to read and your target audience will not understand what you are selling. The sales professionals should be able to assist you in designing a balloon that will work for you.

Giant 7 ft. Helium Balloon

Giant 7 ft. Helium Balloon

If you are still uncertain whether you should use giant advertising balloons, you could rent a balloon first to see how much your business increases. Once you see how well these marketing masterpieces work, you can have one made specifically for you. These advertising balloons are reusable, and if you take proper care of them, you can use it for years to come.

Giant balloons are definitely a great investment for your business.

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