Promote Your Brand with Custom Balloons

There is something special about balloons that instantly brings out the child in all of us.

The bigger the balloons the better! Appealing to this inner-child in consumers is a great way

to get your product or service noticed and remembered. Promoting your brand with custom

balloons is the perfect compliment to any marketing plan. Here are a few key guideline to

remember when product branding with custom balloons.

Custom Wendy Frosty Cup

Custom Wendy Frosty Cup

Make it Relevant
Ensure that balloons are relevant to your brand. If you own a cookie shop, design a

store-front cookie balloon. Your marketing mission is to get noticed and remembered, so the

next time someone is craving a cookie they will think of “that cookie store with the huge

chocolate chip cookie balloon.”

Make it Stand Out
Design your balloon to stand out from the crowd. Use vibrant colors such as: orange, yellow,

or lime-green. Go big. The size of your balloon will depend on what type of event you are

marketing at. You want to choose a balloon size that will instantly attract customers eye’s

your way. Consider placing several smaller ones together to make a large impact.

Custom Apple Balloon

Custom Apple Balloon

Make it Visible
Think about the positioning of your balloons carefully. Take a look around. Ensure that your

business balloon can be readily seen by your target audience. The last thing you want is a

great balloon that is blocked by trees or invisible from the street.

Strawberry Custom Balloon

Strawberry Custom Balloon

Make it Frequent
Your balloon marketing efforts don’t stop with the first balloon appearance. Keep up the

program. Frequently use your brands custom balloons at your store-front, special events,

local fundraisers; anywhere your business is promoting itself.

Remember that when promoting your brand with custom balloons your efforts should be

concentrated on getting noticed and remembered. Appeal to that child in all of us and wow

your target market with a custom balloon that is bright, big, and fun! And most importantly,

keep the momentum going with frequent balloon marketing efforts.

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